Policy bias against rainfed agriculture

Priscilla Jebaraj, The Hindu | February 17, 2019

Three out of five farmers in India grow their crops using rainwater, instead of irrigation. However, per hectare government investment into their lands may be 20 times lower, government procurement of their crops is a fraction of major irrigated land crops, and many of the government’s flagship agriculture schemes are not tailored to benefit them.

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Increasing the possibility of rain-fed farming can reach 7-8 percent of the agricultural growth rate

Jyoti Choudhary, Navbharat Times | February 17, 2019

Agricultural experts believe that it is necessary to make a decent arrangement of diversification in the rain-fed farming and marketing of produce to increase the income of the farmers especially the small farmers in the country. Dr. Ashok Dalwai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) claimed that the growth rate of agriculture sector can be increased from seven to eight percent by increasing the possibility of rain-fed area. It’s just three to four percent. Dual income of Dalwai farmers by doubling.

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Rainfed agriculture mete on agrarian crisis

The Statesman | February 15, 2019

A two-day meeting on rainfed agriculture, that began here on Thursday, saw over 450 farmers, policy makers, reserachers, academicians and civil society practitioners from across the country discuss policy priorities to address the agrarian crisis.

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60 percent farmers dependent on raining season claims report

Zee News (Hindi) | February 15, 2019

India is the first place in the world in terms of the value of the area and the yield of rain-fed agriculture.

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National Convention on Revitalising Rained Agriculture: An Initiative by RRA Network held in Delhi

Vishal Malhotra / Jitender Pal, Ten News | February 14, 2019

India is the first place in the world in terms of the value of the area and the yield of rain-fed agriculture.

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Rainfed farmers are the most neglected

Businessline – The Hindu | February 14, 2019

Need to do more R&D in rainfed agriculture and bring in more policy perspective: Ashok Dalwai.

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Modi Government’s skewed farm sector priorities continue to cause Farmer Distress

Ashwini Kulkarni, The Wire | June 15, 2017

While most farmers and farm land are from rainfed areas, the government focuses only on irrigated areas. How long will this unfair treatment continue?

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Telangana to get its own bull a la ongole

The Hans India | May 23, 2017 

Thanks to the conservation efforts of local tribals helped by NGOs, the ‘Nallamala Poda’, a species native to Mahbubnagar in Telangana, will soon be recognised as special breed of Telangana. It is estimated that the state has around 25,000 such bulls.

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Small farmers eye big fish in Jharkhand

Manu Moudgil, India Water Portal | July 16, 2016 

Pisciculture is changing the lives of farmers by offering a good alternative to land-based agriculture. Backed by the government, it is picking up well.

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Small scale fishworkers fishing for jobs elsewhere

Amita Bhaduri, India Water Portal | March 19, 2016 

Fishers livelihoods are being directly threatened by mechanised fishing methods and ecologically destructive fishing practices.

One single programme made many women realise their latent potential

Alka Pande (Madhubani), The Weekend Leader | March 16, 2015

Lives of several women in Bihar’s Madhubani district have undergone a sea change, making them independent and powerful, thanks to the Poorest Area Civil Societies Programme.

How to solve the problems of India’s rain-dependent agricultural land

M Rajshekhar, Economic Times | June 14, 2011

It is projected that India will need to grow its agricultural output 12% to feed its people in 2020. Much of this has to come by growing more on the same amount of land. This land, however, is weakening and withering.