Caught in the Net

A film about projects by Revitalization of Rainfed Agriculture Network in Odisha, India. Odisha is one of India’s most backward states.

Crops of Truth

Film about Rainfed millet farming in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Reviving Desi Poultry: Small but Significant Income for Rural Households

This short film animated by Rajadyuti Mahapatra, shows that there is an urgent need to revive Desi poultry in India as it accounts for 84% of poultry population in the backyard. It also presents a sustainable model for realizing its true potential through creation of various support systems where desi birds as well as the local economy will thrive . This model, which evolved out of different experiences of Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture (RRA) network members throughout India is now being implemented by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 5 districts.

Beyond Fish Production Statistics


They also talk about their experiments with small scale farm fishery which is becoming increasingly popular. The film ends with taking stock of what all remains to be done to boost fishery as a viable livelihood option, while also acknowledging and celebrating people’s participation in this effort.

Serving Millets In Tribal Schools Of Srikakulam District (Andhra Pradesh, India)


In earlier days, millets were eaten all day long but the eating patterns changed to rice and wheat. This change led to health problems like obesity and diabetes and to food shortages in relation to climate change. The video narrates how HIVOS – WASSAN programme has supported the reintroduction of millets by governments and NGOs and led to local food security.