Case Study

Tribal Start-up: The Success Story of a Tribal Entrepreneur – Desi Backyard Poultry Breeding Farm
Case Study, RRA Network | June 2019

Koda Chandrakala and Koda Abbaidora, residents of Peda Kodapalii village, in Pedabayalu mandal of Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh own two acres of agriculture land. They cultivate millets, maize corn, horse gram, etc and vegetables (pumpkins), for HH consumption and kidney beans, lentils, etc, cash crops of turmeric and black pepper for sale. Abbaidora also takes up wage labour (MGNREGA) to substitute household income.

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Tribal Start-up: The Success Story of a Tribal Desi Backyard Poultry Breeding Farm Entrepreneur
Case Study, RRA Network | June 2019

Chandrakala Palasi and Raju Palasi residents of K.Kudapalli village in K. Kudapalli cluster of Paderu (ITDA) of Visakhapatnam district, AP belongs to scheduled tribe (ST) community and are in the below poverty line (BPL) category. They have three children and own a two acre agriculture land. Until 2017, when Chandrakala took up backyard poultry (BYP) breeder enterprise, Raju was the sole bread winner of the family. She used to help him with cultivation on their 2 acre land.

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Tribal Start-up: The Success Story of a Tribal Women Entrepreneur
Case Study, RRA Network | June 2019

Killo Jamuna, a tribal woman is resident of a small tribal habitat Killoguda in Dumbriguda mandal of Visakhapatnam district. She lives with her husband and their only child. She has 0.5 acre backyard where she used to cultivate turmeric and other vegetables and earned Rs 3000 – 5000 annually. However, things have changed since she took up desi (native) backyard poultry. She now earns Rs 5000 a month, an amount she used to earn annually.

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Extensive Livestock System – Neglected by Policy with Valued by Rearers
Case Study, RRA Network | June 2019

The cattle, Poda Thurupu, are native to the Amrabad Tiger Reserve of Eastern Ghat’s Nallamala range. Lambadas, Gollas, and Chenchus of the region breed the cattle. Often, a major part of their income comes from trading the cattle. Some of them believe that Thurupu cattle have been influencing their lifestyle and culture. As animals along with their rearers were pushed out of forest areas, no of animals reduced drastically in last decade, division of the state Andhra Pradesh made their life more complicated as restrictions on grazing in other part of Nallamala forest became much more difficult.

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Rainfed Fisheries
Case Study, RRA Network | June 2019

The Orekelguda is revenue village of Matapaka GP of Korukonda Block. The village is 42 Kms away from block head quarter Korukonda and 28 Kms away from district headquarter. There are 100 households in this villages and population of 503 (Male 239 and female 264). The village is situated adjoining to the Chhatisgarh state. In this village all households are from Koya tribe. All the families in this village belong to the BPL category. Agriculture is the main occupation of people in the village and they depend upon the rainfed for their cultivation and they cultivate on traditional method.

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Rationale for Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM0 as emerging from the Field Expeiences

M.V. Ramachandrudu, WASSAN

Rationale for Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM0 as emerging from the Field Expeiences

M.V. Ramachandrudu, WASSAN

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