Case Study


Rationale for Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM0 as emerging from the Field Expeiences

M.V. Ramachandrudu, WASSAN

  • System of Trap Rainwater Improves Incomes For Displaced Tribal Farmers, Malkangiri district, Odisha

  • Farmers in Telangana Village Enjoy Bounty of Water Sharing, Mahabubnagar district, Telangana

  • Borewell Sharing Doubles Rabi Produce in Telangana’s Tribal Hamlet, Rangareddy district, Telangana

  • Women in Himachal Villages Revitalize Water Commons, Thanakkasoga district, Himachal Pradesh


  • Head – Tribal Knowledge – Helps create a Livestock Boom in Washim
  • Story of A High Milk Yielding Indigenous Buffalo
  • ‘PashuSakhis’ A Hope for Poultry Farmers in Madhya Pradesh
  • Desi Poultry – A Feather in Tribal Women’s Caps


  • Financial Support Bring Increased Income to Tamil Nadu Villages – Two Farmer Producing Companies Earned Profits with a Little Financial Help


  • Browntop Millet Brings Hope – To Karnataka Farmers in Mandya District, Karnataka
  • What is the Average Yield in Millets – Under Traditional Method?
  • The Religious Way – Promoting Millets
  • District Level Agriculture Products Fair – in Kandhamal district of Odisha


  • Ridiculed for Sowing ‘Less’ Plants – Madhya Pradesh clears his debts – Sonmau Kalan
  • To Implement SRI effectively – Madhya Pradesh Farmers Development a Three-Pronged Instrument in Panna District
  • Grows Fish and Paddy Together – Odisha Village


  • Karnataka farmers ‘go back to roots’ with traditional seeds – Karnataka
  • Seed Saver Non-profit Helps Tinkering Farmers in Bhandara district, Karnataka
  • Odisha Farmers ‘Celebrates’ the Bounty of Traditional Seeds, Bargarh district, Odisha
  • Gaining Control over Heirloom Seeds to Keep them Free – Chandrapur district, Maharashtra


  • In Harmony with Nature – Having shifted to organic farming, a tribal farmer from West Bengal produces meat of his farm inputs in Bankura district, West Bengal

  • Soil Management Techniques help Jharkhand Farmer achieve Good Income