RRA-YEAR 2017 Technical Manual Handbook on Desi Poultry Breeding Farm Enterprise

RRA-YEAR 2017 Fisheries Development in Rainfed Areas

RRA-YEAR 2017 Experiences from the grassroot

RRA-YEAR 2017 Rainfed Ecosystems in India - A Perspective : Dr. J. Venkateswarlu

RRA-YEAR 2010 10 ways to make 'Living Soils' possible

RRA-YEAR 2012 Community Managed Seeds Systems (CMSS)

RRA-YEAR 2011 Revitalising Fisheries in Rainfed Areas

RRA-YEAR 2012 All you need to know about RRA Comprehensive Pilots

RRA-YEAR 2013 A Manual on Seed Production & Certifications

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Production Techniques for Oilseeds and Pulses

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Storage Techniques - A Primer

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Production Techniques for Cereals & Millets

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Production - Experiences from the Field

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Situation Analysis

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Production Techniques for Vegetables

RRA-YEAR 2013 Home Gardens for Seed Conservation & Supplementary Nutrition

RRA-YEAR 2013 Farm Conservation of Indigenous Seeds

RRA-YEAR 2013 Seed Treatment Techniques